Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Turning Around on a Hill (K-Turn)
1. Stop and lock the parking brake while keeping body weight uphill.
2. Always move the 4X4 switch to ADC 4X4 before ascending or
descending a hill. See page 47.
3. Leave the transmission in forward and shut off the engine.
4. If a passenger is on board, ask the passenger to dismount first, then
the operator may dismount. Dismount on the uphill side of the vehi-
cle, or on the left if the vehicle is pointing straight uphill.
5. Staying uphill of the vehicle, turn the handlebars full left.
6. While holding the brake lever, release the parking brake lock and
slowly allow the vehicle to roll around to your right until it's point-
ing across the hill or slightly downward.
7. Lock the parking brake. Remount the vehicle from the uphill side,
keeping body weight uphill.
NOTE: A passenger should not remount until the vehicle returns to firm, level
8. Start the engine with the transmission still in forward.
9. Release the parking brake and proceed slowly, controlling speed
with the brake lever, until the vehicle is on more level ground.