Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Engine Oil
Oil and Filter Change (500 EFI)
12. Place shop towels beneath the oil
filter. Using an oil filter wrench,
turn the filter counterclockwise to
remove it.
13. Make sure the o-ring from the old
filter is completely removed from
the engine. Using a clean dry
cloth, clean the filter sealing sur-
face on the crankcase.
14. Lubricate the o-ring on the new filter with a film of fresh engine oil.
Check to make sure the o-ring is in good condition.
15. Install the new filter and rotate it clockwise by hand until the filter
gasket contacts the sealing surface, then turn it an additional 1/2
16. Approximately one cup of engine oil will remain in the crankcase.
To drain, remove the drain plug on the lower right side of the crank-
NOTE: The sealing surfaces on the drain plug and crankcase should be clean
and free of burrs, nicks or scratches.
17. Reinstall the drain plug.Torque to 14 ft. lbs. (19 Nm).
18. Remove the dipstick.
19. Add two quarts (1.9 l) of recommended oil. Reinstall the dipstick.
NOTE: If the sump is not drained, add about 1 3/4 quarts (1.6 l) initially.
20. Place the transmission in PARK.
21. Lock the parking brake.
22. Prime the oil pump using the procedure on page 89. Then stop
the engine and inspect for leaks.
23. Check the oil level. Add oil as needed to bring the level to the upper
mark on the dipstick.
24. Dispose of used filter and oil properly.