Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Noise Emission Control System
Do not modify the engine, intake or exhaust components, as doing so
may affect compliance with U.S.A. EPA noise control requirements (40
CFR 205) and local noise level requirements.
Operation on Public Lands in the U.S.A.
Your Polaris vehicle has a spark arrestor that was tested and qualified to
be in accordance with the USDA Forest Service Standard 5100-1C. Fed-
eral law requires that this spark arrestor be installed and functional when
the vehicle is operated on public lands.
Operation of off-road vehicles on public lands in the U.S.A. is regulated
by 43 CFR 8343.1(c). Violations are subject to monetary penalties. Fed-
eral regulations can be viewed online at www.gpoaccess.gov/ecfr/.
Crankcase Emission Control System
This engine is equipped with a closed crankcase system. Blow-by gases
are forced back to the combustion chamber by the intake system. All
exhaust gases exit through the exhaust system.
Exhaust Emission Control System
Exhaust emissions are controlled by engine design. An electronic fuel
injection (EFI) system controls fuel delivery. The engine and EFI com-
ponents are set at the factory for optimal performance and are not
The emissions label is located on the left front portion of the frame.
Electromagnetic Interference
This spark ignition system complies with Canadian ICES-002.
This vehicle complies with the EMC requirements of European direc-
tives 97/24/EC and 89/336/EEC.