Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Instrument Cluster
Rider Information Center
The rider information center is located in the instrument cluster. All seg-
ments will light up for 2.5 seconds at start-up.
NOTE: If the instrument cluster fails to illuminate, a battery over-voltage may
have occurred and the instrument cluster may have shut off to protect
the electronic speedometer. If this occurs, take the ATV to your Polaris
dealer for proper diagnosis.
1. Gear Indicator - This
indicator displays gear
shifter position:
H = High Gear
L = Low Gear
N = Neutral
R = Reverse Gear
P = Park
2. 4X4 Indicator - This
indicator illuminates
when the 4X4 switch
is on either ADC 4X4
or 4X4.
3. Engine Hour Display Indicator
4. Service Interval/Diagnostic Mode Indicator
5. Low Battery and Over Voltage - This warning usually indicates
that the ATV is operating at an RPM too low to keep the battery
charged. It may also occur when the engine is at idle and high elec-
trical load (lights, cooling fan, accessories) is applied. Drive at a
higher RPM or recharge the battery to clear the warning.
6. Odometer/Tachometer/Tripmeter/ Hour Meter/Clock
7. Fuel Gauge - The segments of the fuel gauge show the level of fuel
in the fuel tank. When the last segment clears, a low fuel warning is
activated. All segments will flash, FUEL will display in the LCD,
and the speedometer needle will blink. Refuel immediately.
8. Check Engine Warning Indicator - This indicator serves two pur-
poses. The word HOT displays if the engine overheats. It also
appears if an EFI-related fault occurs. Do not operate the ATV if
this warning appears. Serious engine damage could result.
9. Mode Indicator