Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Breather Filter/Hose (500 EFI)
The breather filter is on
the hose that runs
between the engine and
air box.
1. Remove the left side
panel. See page 100.
2. Remove the hose
clamps from the fil-
ter and pull the filter
out of the hoses.
3. Inspect the filter for debris. Blow gently through the filter in the
direction of the arrow to check for clogging. Replace a damaged or
clogged filter.
4. Check the hoses for cracks, deterioration, abrasion, or leaks.
Replace as needed.
5. Reinstall the filter and hose clamps.
NOTE: The filter is effective with the arrow pointing in either direction.
Operation of your vehicle without a breather filter can cause engine damage.
Always reinstall the breather filter after removing it for service.
Breather Filter