Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Driving with a Passenger
10. Ride to the ability of your passenger, instead of to your own ability.
Avoid unexpected or aggressive maneuvers that could cause a pas-
senger to fall from the vehicle.
11. Do not cross a hillside with a passenger on board. See page 68.
12. A passenger should always be seated in the passenger seat with both
feet on the footrests and both hands on the passenger grab handles
at all times. The passenger should never hold on to the operator.
13. Never secure a passenger to the vehicle or to the operator with a
belt, rope or similar device.
14. Make sure the passenger understands the importance of "active
riding." When hill-climbing or performing maneuvers, a passenger
should shift body weight in the same manner in which the driver
shifts body weight. For example, the passenger should lean to the
inside of a turn along with the operator and should always lean
uphill when climbing and descending hills.