Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Transmission Oil
Always check and change the transmission oil at the intervals outlined
in the Periodic Maintenance Chart beginning on page 79. Maintain the
oil level at the bottom of the fill plug hole threads. We recommend the
use of Polaris Premium AGL Synthetic Gearcase Lubricant. See page
137 for the part numbers of Polaris products.
The fill plug is located on the left side of the ATV, under the rear fender,
behind the wheel.
The drain plug is located on the right side of the gearcase, on the right
side of the ATV, behind the wheel well.
Transmission Oil Level
1. Position the vehicle on a level
2. Remove the fill plug.
3. Check the oil level. Add the
recommended oil as needed.
4. Reinstall the fill plug. Torque
to 20-25 ft. lbs. (27-34 Nm).
Drain Plug
Fill Plug
Fill Plug