Polaris 500 EFI Touring Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Spark Plugs
Spark Plug Inspection
Normal Spark Plug
The normal insulator tip is gray, tan or light brown. There will be few
combustion deposits. The electrodes are not burned or eroded. This indi-
cates the proper type and heat range for the engine and the service.
NOTE: The tip should not be flaky and white. A white insulator tip indicates
overheating, caused by use of an improper spark plug or incorrect
Wet Fouled Spark Plug
The wet fouled insulator tip is black. A damp oil film covers the firing
end. There may be a carbon layer over the entire nose. Generally, the
electrodes are not worn. General causes of fouling are excessive oil, use
of non-recommended oil or incorrect throttle body adjustments.
Recoil Housing (500 EFI)
Always drain the recoil housing after operating the vehicle in wet condi-
tions. Drain the housing before storing the vehicle. Make sure the hous-
ing is completely dry before reinstalling the drain plug.
1. Stop the engine.
2. Place the transmission in gear.
3. Lock the parking brake.
4. Remove the drain screw on the
bottom of the recoil housing.
5. Reinstall the drain screw.
NOTE: Do not open the crankcase drain
unless the engine has ingested
water. On 4-cycle engines, some
engine oil will be lost if the crank-
case drain is opened.