Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

When prompted, say the phone name of the cellular
phone you wish to use, or say ЉList PhonesЉ to hear a
list of all the phones that have been paired to your
UConnect™ system. To select a phone from the list,
press the ’Voice Recognition’ button and say ЉSelect.Љ
A lower priority phone will only be used for the next
phone call. After that, the UConnect™ system will
return to using the highest priority phone present in or
near (approximately with in 30 feet) the vehicle.
Delete UConnect™ Paired Cellular Phones
Press the ’Phone’ button to begin.
After the ЉReadyЉ prompt and the following beep, say
ЉSetup Phone Pairing.Љ
At the next prompt, say ЉDelete.Љ
You will be asked to say the name of the phone that
you wish to delete. You can either say the name of the
phone that you wish to delete or you can say ЉAllЉ to
delete all the phones.
Things You Should Know About Your UConnect™
Voice Recognition (VR)
Always wait for the beep before speaking.
Speak normally, without pausing, just as you would
speak to a person sitting approximately eight (8) feet
away from you.
Make sure that no one other than you is speaking
during a voice recognition period.
Performance is maximized under:
low-to-medium blower setting,
low-to-medium vehicle speed,
low road noise,
smooth road surface,
fully closed windows,
dry weather condition.