Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Automatic Headlights–If equipped
This system automatically turns your headlights ON or
OFF based on ambient light levels. To turn the system
ON, rotate the headlamp switch counter-clockwise to the
AUTO (A) position. When the system is ON, the Head-
light Time Delay feature is also ON. This means your
headlights will stay ON for up to 90 seconds after you
turn the ignition switch OFF. To turn the Automatic
System OFF, move the headlamp switch out of the AUTO
(A) position.
The engine must be running before the head-
lights will come ON in the Automatic mode.
Headlamps On With Wipers (Available with Auto
Headlights Only)
The headlights will turn on approximately 10 seconds
after the wipers are turned on if the headlight switch is
placed in the AUTO position. The headlights will also
turn off when the wipers are turned off if they were
turned on by this feature. This feature can be turned on or
off using the Electronic Vehicle Information Center
(EVIC) If equipped. Refer to ”Headlamps On With
Wipers” in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center
section of this manual for details.
Daytime Running Lights (Canada Only)
The high beam headlights will come on as Daytime
Running Lights whenever the ignition switch is on, the
headlights are off, and the parking brake is off. The
headlight switch must be used for normal night time
Lights-on Reminder
If the headlights or parking lights are on after the ignition
is turned OFF, a chime will sound to alert the driver
when the driver’s door is opened.
Headlight Time Delay
This feature provides the safety of headlight illumination
for 90 seconds (programmable) when leaving your ve-
hicle in an unlighted area.