Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Occupant Classification System
The Occupant Classification System (OCS) is part of
a Federally regulated safety system required for this
vehicle. It is designed to turn off the front passenger
airbag in the unlikely event that a rear-facing infant
seat is in the front passenger seat.
Children 12 years and under should always ride
buckled up in a rear seat in an appropriate child restraint.
The Passenger Airbag Disable (PAD) Indicator Light
(an amber light located in the center of the instrument
panel) tells the driver and front passenger when the
front passenger airbag is turned off. The PAD Indica-
tor lamp illuminates the words ЉPASS AIRBAG OFFЉ
to show that the passenger airbag will not inflate
during a collision requiring airbags.
This light should not be illuminated when an adult
passenger is properly seated in the front passenger
seat. In this case, the airbag is ready to be inflated if a
collision requiring an airbag occurs. The PAD Indica-
tor Light is also turned off when the seat is empty. The
only time that the PAD Indicator Light is turned on is
when a small weight is in the front passenger seat. The
system is required to turn on the PAD Indicator Light
when the weight in the front passenger seat is close to
a rear-facing infant seat. Relatively light objects like
brief cases and grocery bags will also turn on the PAD