Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

The torque converter clutch will not engage until the
transmission fluid and engine coolant is warm (usu-
ally after 1–3 miles (1.6–4.8 km) of driving). Because
engine speed is higher when the torque converter
clutch is not engaged, it may seem as if the transmis-
sion is not shifting into “Overdrive” when cold. This is
considered a normal condition. Pulling the shift lever
into the “3” position will show that the transmission is
able to shift into and out of “Overdrive.”
If the vehicle has not been driven for several days, the
first few seconds of operation after shifting the trans-
mission into gear may seem sluggish. This is due to the
transmission fluid partially draining from the torque
converter into the transmission. This is considered a
normal condition and will not cause damage to the
transmission. The torque converter will refill within 5
seconds of shifting from P (Park) into any other gear
Transmission Limp Home Mode
The transmission is monitored for abnormal conditions.
If a condition is detected that could cause damage, the
transmission automatically shifts into second gear. The
transmission remains in second gear despite the forward
gear selected. Park (P), Reverse (R), and Neutral (N) will
continue to operate. This Reset feature allows the vehicle
to be driven to a dealer for service without damaging the
If the problem has been momentary, the transmission can
be reset to regain all forward gears.
Stop the vehicle and shift into PARK (P).
Turn the key to LOCK then start the engine.
Shift into “D” and resume driving.
Even if the transmission can be reset, we
recommend that you visit a dealer at your earliest
possible convenience. Your dealer has diagnostic equip-
ment to determine if the problem could recur.
If the transmission cannot be reset, dealer service is