Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Voice Mail Calling
To learn how to access your voice mail, refer to section
ЉWorking with Automated Systems.Љ
Working with Automated Systems
This method is designed to be used in instances where
one generally has to press numbers on the cellular phone
keypad while navigating through an automated tele-
phony system.
You can use your UConnect™ system to access a voice-
mail system or an automated service, such as, paging
service or automated customer service. Some services
require immediate response selection, in some instances,
that may be too quick for use of UConnect™ system.
When calling a number with your UConnect™ system
that normally requires you to enter in a touch-tone
sequence on your cellular phone keypad, you can push
the ’Voice Recognition’ button and say the sequence you
wish to enter followed by the word ЉSend.Љ For example,
if required to enter your pin number followed with a
pound3746#,youcanpressthe’Voice Recognition’
button and say Љ3746#Send.Љ Saying a number, or
sequence of numbers, followed by ЉSendЉ is also to be
used to navigate through an automated customer service
center menu structure and to leave a number on a pager.
Barge In - Overriding Prompts
The ’Voice Recognition’ button can be used when you
wish to skip part of a prompt and issue your voice
recognition command immediately. For example, if a
prompt is playing ЉWould you like to pair a phone, clear
aѧ,Љ you could press the ’Voice Recognition’ button and
say ЉPair a PhoneЉ to select that option without having to
listen to the rest of the voice prompt.
Turning Confirmation Prompts On/Off
Turning confirmation prompts off will stop the system
from confirming your choices (e.g. the UConnect™ sys-
tem will not repeat a phone number before you dial it).
Press the ’Phone’ button to begin.
After the ЉReadyЉ prompt and the following beep, say
ЉSetup Confirmations.Љ The UConnect™ system will
play the current confirmation prompt status and you
will be given the choice to change it.
Voice Confirmation Prompts are also customer program-
mable through the Electronic Vehicle Information Center