Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Press and hold the FF button to fast forward through the
tracks. Release the FF button to stop the fast forward
feature. If the RW button is pressed, the current track will
reverse to the beginning of the track and begin playing.
Press the RND button a second time to stop Random
BUTTONS1-6(CDMODE For CD Audio Play)
Selects disc positions1-6forPlay/Load/Eject.
Notes On Playing MP3 Files
The radio can play MP3 files, however, acceptable MP3
file recording media and formats are limited. When
writing MP3 files, pay attention to the following restric-
Supported media (disc types)
The MP3 file recording media supported by the radio are
Supported medium formats (file systems)
The medium formats supported by the radio are ISO 9660
Level 1 and Level 2 and includes the Joliet extension.
When reading discs recorded using formats other than
ISO 9660 Level 1 and Level 2, the radio may fail to read
files properly and may be unable to play the file nor-
mally. UDF and Apple HFS formats are not supported.
The radio uses the following limits for file systems:
Maximum number of directory levels: 15
Maximum number of files: 255
Maximum number of folders: 100
Maximum number of characters in file/folder names:
Level 1: 12 (including a separator Љ.Љ and a
3-character extension)
Level 2: 31 (including a separator Љ.Љ and a
3-character extension)
Multisession disc formats are supported by the radio.
Multisession discs may contain combinations of normal
CD audio tracks and computer files (including MP3 files).
Discs created with an option such as Љkeep disc open after
writingЉ are most likely multisession discs. The use of
multisession for CD audio or MP3 playback may result in
longer disc loading times.