Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Pressing the FUNCTION SELECT button ac-
cepts a selected choice. The Function Select
button also advances the radio preset when the
EVIC is in the Compass/Temp/Audio screen.
Use the SCROLL buttons to scroll through Trip
Functions, Navigation (If Equipped), System
Status Messages, and Personal Settings (Cus-
tomer Programmable Features). The SCROLL
buttons also seek up and down (radio station or CD track
The AUDIO MODE SELECT button is used to
select the Compass/Temp/Audio screen. If
Compass/Temp/Audio is already being dis-
played when the AUDIO MODE SELECT but-
ton is pressed, the radio mode will change from AM to
FM to Tape to CD, or to Satellite (SAT) depending on
which radio is in the vehicle. This button can also be used
to return to a previous navigation menu selection.
When the appropriate conditions exist, the Electronic
Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) displays the following
Turn Signal On (with a continuous warning chime)
Left Front Turn Signal Lamp Out (with a single chime)
Left Rear Turn Signal Lamp Out (with a single chime)
Right Front Turn Signal Lamp Out (with a single
Right Rear Turn Signal Lamp Out (with a single
RKE Battery Low (with a single chime)
Memory #1/#2 Profile Set
Memory #1/#2 Profile Recall
Memory System Disabled – Vehicle Not In Park (with
a single chime)
Memory System Disabled Seat Belt Buckled (with a
single chime)
Personal Settings Not Available Vehicle Not in Park
Left/Right Front Door Ajar (one or more, with a single
chime if speed is above 1 mph)