Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

If the window runs into any obstacle during
auto-closure it will reverse direction and then stop.
Remove the obstacle and use the window switch again to
close the window.
Any impact due to rough road conditions may
trigger the auto reverse function unexpectedly during
auto closure. If this happens pull the switch lightly to the
first detent and hold to close window manually.
There is no anti-pinch protection when the window
is almost closed. Be sure to clear all objects from the
window before closing.
Any time the vehicle battery is disconnected or goes dead
the auto-up function will be disabled. To reactivate the
auto-up feature perform the following steps after vehicle
power is restored:
Pull the window switch up to close window com-
pletely, then hold the switch for a second.
Push the window switch firmly down to second detent
to open the window automatically until the window is
fully open.
Wind Buffeting
Wind buffeting can be described as the perception of
pressure on the ears or a helicopter type sound in the
ears. Your vehicle may exhibit wind buffeting with the
windows down, or the sunroof (if equipped) in certain
open or partially open positions. This is a normal occur-
rence and can be minimized. If the buffeting occurs with
the rear windows open, open the front and rear windows
together to minimize the buffeting. If the buffeting occurs
with the sunroof open, adjust the sunroof opening to
minimize the buffeting.