Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

The Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPM) system uses
wireless technology with wheel rim mounted electronic
sensors to monitor tire pressure levels. Sensors mounted
to each wheel as part of the valve stem transmit tire
pressure readings to the Receiver Module. The wheel
sensors monitor tire pressure, and status for all four
active road tires and the spare tire. The spare tire pressure
is monitored, but not displayed.
It is particularly important, for you to check the
tire pressure in all of your tires regularly and to maintain
the proper pressure.
The Tire Pressure Monitoring Indicator Lamp will
illuminate in the instrument cluster, and an au-
dible chime will be activated when one or more
tire pressures is low. The Tire Pressure Monitoring Indi-
cator Lamp will flash on and off for ten seconds when a
system fault is detected. The flash cycle will repeat every
ten minutes or until the fault condition is removed and
The Tire Pressure Monitoring System consists of the
following components:
Receiver Module
4/5 Wheel Sensors
4 Wheel Sensor Trigger Modules
Tire Pressure Monitoring System Display Messages in
the EVIC
Amber Colored Tire Pressure Monitoring Indicator
The system consists of tire pressure monitoring sensors
attached to each wheel through the valve stem mounting
hole, a central receiver module, Wheel Sensor Trigger
Modules mounted in three of the four wheel wells,
various Tire Pressure Monitoring System Display Mes-
sages in the EVIC, and an amber colored Indicator Lamp.
A sensor shall be installed in the spare wheel if the
vehicle is equipped with a matching full size spare wheel
and tire assembly.