Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Do not allow petroleum base fluid to contaminate
the brake fluid, all brake seal components could be
damaged causing partial or complete brake failure.
Fuel System Hoses
Electronic Fuel Injection high pressure fuel systems are
designed with hoses and quick connect fittings which
have unique material characteristics to provide adequate
sealing and resist attack by deteriorated gasoline.
You are urged to use only the manufacture specified
hoses with quick connect fittings, or their equivalent in
material and specification, in any fuel system servicing. It
is mandatory to replace any damaged hoses or quick
connect fittings that have been removed during service.
Care should be taken in installing quick connect fittings
to insure they are properly installed and fully connected.
See your authorized dealer for service.
Automatic Transmission
Fluid Level Check
Regular automatic transmission fluid level checks are not
required. For this reason the dipstick is omitted.
If you notice fluid loss or gear shift malfunction, have
your authorized dealer check the transmission fluid level.
Using a transmission fluid other than the manufac-
turer’s recommended fluid may cause deterioration
in transmission shift quality and/or torque converter
shudder. Using a transmission fluid other than that
recommended by the manufacturer will result in
more frequent fluid and filter changes. Refer to the
Recommended Fluids, Lubricants and Genuine Parts
section for correct fluid type.