Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Before moving the shift lever out of P (Park), you
must turn the ignition from LOCK to ON so the shift
lever is released. Otherwise, damage to the shifter
could result.
R (Reverse)
For moving the vehicle rearward. Always stop before
moving the lever to R (Reverse), except when rocking
the vehicle.
N (Neutral)
Engine may be started in this range.
Do not coast in N (Neutral) and never turn off the
ignition to coast down a hill. These are unsafe
practices that limit your response to changing traffic
or road conditions. You might lose control of the
D (Overdrive)
This range should be used for most city and highway
driving. It provides smoothest up shifts and down
shifts and best fuel economy. Select the “3” range
when frequent transmission shifting occurs when us-
ing the Overdrive range, such as when operating the
vehicle under heavy loading conditions (in hilly ter-
rain, traveling into strong head winds, or while tow-
ing heavy trailers.
If the vehicle is started in cold outside tempera-
tures, shifts into Overdrive may be delayed. Normal
Overdrive and shifting operation will resume when the
temperature of the transmission reaches the appropriate
temperature. Refer to the “Note” under “Torque Con-
verter Clutch” later in this section.
If the transmission temperature gets too hot, the
transmission may downshift out of Overdrive or en-
gage overdrive at higher vehicle speeds until the
transmission cools down. After cooldown, Overdrive
will resume normal operation.