Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

do not use polishes, oils, cleaning fluids, solvents, deter-
gents, or ammonia based cleaners to clean your leather
upholstery. Application of a leather conditioner is not
required to maintain the original condition.
Do not use volatile solvents for cleaning purposes.
Many are potentially flammable, and if used in
closed areas they may cause respiratory harm.
Glass Surfaces
All glass surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis
with any commercial household-type glass cleaner.
Never use an abrasive type cleaner. Use caution when
cleaning the inside rear window equipped with electric
defrosters or the right rear quarter window equipped
with the radio antenna. Do not use scrapers or other
sharp instruments which may scratch the elements.
When cleaning the rear view mirror, spray cleaner on the
towel or rag that you are using. Do not spray cleaner
directly on the mirror.
Cleaning Plastic Instrument Cluster Lenses
The lenses in front of the instruments in this vehicle are
molded in clear plastic. When cleaning the lenses, care
must be taken to avoid scratching the plastic.
1. Clean with a wet soft rag. A mild soap solution may be
used, but do not use high alcohol content or abrasive
cleaners. If soap is used, wipe clean with a clean damp
2. Dry with a soft tissue.
Seat Belt Maintenance
Do not bleach, dye or clean the belts with chemical
solvents or abrasive cleaners. This will weaken the fabric.
Sun damage can also weaken the fabric.
If the belts need cleaning, use a mild soap solution or
lukewarm water. Do not remove the belts from the car to
wash them.
Replace the belts if they appear frayed or worn or if the
buckles do not work properly.