Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

All three rear seating positions have lower anchorages
that are capable of accommodating LATCH-compatible
child seats. You should NEVER install LATCH-
compatible child seats such that two seats share a com-
mon lower anchorage. If installing child seats in adjacent
rear-seating positions or if your child restraints are not
LATCH-compatible, install the restraints using the vehi-
cle’s seat belts.
Installing the LATCH-Compatible Child Restraint
We urge that you carefully follow the directions of the
manufacturer when installing your child restraint. Not all
child restraint systems will be installed as described here.
Again, carefully follow the installation instructions that
were provided with the child restraint system.
The rear seat lower anchorages are round bars, located at
the rear of the seat cushion where it meets the seat back,
and are just visible when you lean into the rear seat to
install the child restraint. You will easily feel them if you
run your finger along the intersection of the seatback and
seat cushion surfaces.
In addition, there are tether strap anchorages
behind each rear seating position located in the
panel between the rear seat back and the rear
window. These tether strap anchorages are
under a plastic cover with this symbol on it.
Many, but not all restraint systems will be equipped with
separate straps on each side, with each having a hook or
connector for attachment to the lower anchorage and a