Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

INFO Button (CD Mode For MP3 Play)
Press and INFO button while playing MP3 or WMA disc.
The radio scrolls through the following TAG information:
Song Title, Artist, File Name, and Folder Name (if avail-
Press the INFO button once more to return to Љelapsed
timeЉ priority mode.
Press and hold the INFO button while in the message
display priority mode or elapsed time display priority
mode will display the song title for each file.
RW/FF (CD Mode For MP3 and WMA Play)
Press the FF side of the button to move forward through
the file or MP3 and WMA selection.
TUNE Control (CD Mode For MP3 Play)
Pressing the TUNE Control allows the adjustment of
Tone, Balance, and Fade.
AM/FM Button (CD Mode For MP3 Play)
Switches back to Radio mode.
RND/ PTY Button (CD Mode For MP3 Play)
Pressing this button plays files randomly.
SET/DIR Button (CD Mode For MP3 Play)
Press the SET/DIR Button to display folders, when
playing an MP3 discs that have a file/folder structure.
Turn the TUNE control to display available folders or
move through available folders. Press the TUNE control
to select a folder.
Buttons1-6(CDMode For MP3 Play)
Selects disc positions1-6forPlay/Load/Eject.
Operating Instructions - Hands Free Phone (if
Refer to Hands Free Phone section of the Owner’s
Operating Instructions - Satellite Radio Mode (if
Refer to the Satellite Radio section of the Owner’s