Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Winter Operation
Use of the air Recirculation mode during winter months
is not recommended because it may cause window
See Operating Tips chart (for Manual A/C
Control) at the end of this section for suggested control
settings in different weather conditions.
Vacation Storage
Anytime you store your vehicle, or keep it out of service
(i.e. vacation) for two weeks or more, run the air condi-
tioning system at idle for about five minutes in the fresh
air and high blower setting. This will insure adequate
system lubrication to minimize the possibility of com-
pressor damage when the system is started again.
Window Fogging
Interior fogging on the windshield can be quickly re-
moved by turning the mode selector to Defrost. The
Defrost/Floor mode can be used to maintain a clear
windshield and provide sufficient heating. If side win-
dow fogging becomes a problem increase blower speed.
Vehicle windows tend to fog on the inside in mild but
rainy or humid weather.
Recirculate without A/C should not be used for
long periods as fogging may occur.
Outside Air Intake
Make sure the air intake, located directly in front of the
windshield, is free of obstructions such as leaves. Leaves
collected in the air intake may reduce airflow and if they
enter the plenum they could plug the water drains. In
winter months make sure the air intake is clear of ice,
slush and snow.
A/C Air Filter If Equipped
The climate control system filters outside air containing
dust, pollen and some odors. Strong odors cannot be
totally filtered out. Refer to “Maintenance Procedures” in
your Owner’s Manual for filter replacement instructions.