Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Front & Rear Suspension Ball Joints
The suspension ball joints should be inspected for exter-
nal leakage or damage when other maintenance is per-
Steering Linkage
The tie rod end ball joints should be inspected for
external leakage or damage when other maintenance is
Drive Shaft Universal Joints
Your vehicle has constant velocity universal joints. Peri-
odic lubrication of these joints is not required. However,
the joint boots should be inspected for external leakage or
damage when other maintenance is performed. If leakage
or damage is evident, the universal joint boot and grease
should be replaced immediately.
Continued operation could result in failure of the univer-
sal joint due to water and dirt contamination of the
grease. This would require complete replacement of the
joint assembly.
Body Lubrication
Locks and all body pivot points, including such items as
seat tracks, doors, trunk and hood hinges, should be
lubricated periodically to assure quiet, easy operation
and to protect against rust and wear. Prior to the appli-
cation of any lubricant, the parts concerned should be
wiped clean to remove dust and grit; after lubricating
excess oil and grease should be removed. Particular
attention should also be given to hood latching compo-
nents to insure proper function. When performing other
underhood services, the hood latch, release mechanism
and safety catch should be cleaned and lubricated.
The external lock cylinders should be lubricated twice a
year, preferably in the fall and spring. Apply a small
amount of a high quality lubricant such as Mopar Lock
Cylinder Lubricant directly into the lock cylinder.
Windshield Wiper Blades
The rubber edges of the wiper blades and the windshield
should be cleaned periodically with a sponge or soft cloth
and a mild nonabrasive cleaner. This will remove accu-
mulations of salt or road film.