Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

The Occupant Classification Module (OCM) is lo-
cated beneath the front passenger seat. The OCM
classifies the occupant into categories based on the
measurements made by the seat weight sensors. The
OCM communicates with the Occupant Restraint Con-
troller (ORC). The ORC uses the occupant category to
determine whether the front passenger airbag should
be turned off. It also determines the rate of airbag
inflation during a collision.
The Passenger Airbag Disabled (PAD) Indicator
Light indicates to the driver and passenger when the
airbag is turned OFF. In the presence of a properly
seated occupant, when the PAD indicator light is
illuminated, the airbag is OFF. Also, when the Occu-
pant Classification System detects either an empty seat
or a weight less than the predetermined threshold, the
ORC will not illuminate the PAD indicator light even
though the airbag is turned OFF.
Your vehicle has four Weight Sensors located between
the seat and the floor pan. The weight sensors measure
applied weight and transfers that information to the
Airbag Light
You will want to have the airbags ready for your protec-
tion in an impact. While the airbag system is designed to
be maintenance free, if any of the following occurs, have
an authorized dealer service the system promptly:
The AIRBAG light does not come on or flickers during
the 6 to 8 seconds when the ignition switch is first
turned on.
The light remains on or flickers after the 6 to 8 second
The light flickers or comes on and remains on while
Event Data Recorder (EDR)
In the event of an airbag deployment, your vehicle is
designed to record up to 2-seconds of specific vehicle
data parameters (see list below) in an event data recorder
prior to the moment of airbag deployment. Please note
that such data are ONLY recorded if an airbag deploys,
and are otherwise unavailable. In conjunction with other
data gathered during a complete accident investigation,
the electronic data may be used by DaimlerChrysler and