Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Operating Instructions - Radio Mode
The ignition switch must be in the ON or ACC
position to operate the radio.
Power Switch/Volume Control (Rotary)
Press the ON/VOL control to turn the radio ON. Press
the ON/VOL a second time to turn OFF the radio.
Electronic Volume Control
The electronic volume control turns continuously (360
degrees) in either direction without stopping. Turning the
volume control to the right increases the volume and to
the left decreases it.
When the audio system is turned on, the sound will be
set at the same volume level as last played.
Mode Button (Radio Mode)
Press the mode button repeatedly to select between the
CD player, Cassette, Satellite, or Vehicle Entertainment
System (VES) (if equipped).
SEEK Button (Radio Mode)
Press and release the SEEK button to search for the next
station in either AM/FM or Satellite (if equipped) mode.
Press the right side of the button to seek up and the left
side to seek down. The radio will remained tuned to the
new station until you make another selection. Holding
the button and will bypass stations without stopping
until you release it.
SCAN Button (Radio Mode)
Pressing the SCAN button causes the tuner to search for
the next station, in either AM, FM or Satellite (if
equipped) frequencies, pausing for 5 seconds (satellite
scan 8 seconds) at each listenable station before continu-
ing to the next. To stop the search, press SCAN a second
Time Button
Press the time button and the time of day will be
displayed for 5 seconds.
Clock Setting Procedure
1. Press and hold the time button until the hours blink.
2. Adjust the hours by turning the right side Tune /
Audio control.