Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

LO AUTO position should be used for front seat occu-
pants only. The HI AUTO position should be used when
more air flow is desired, or when rear seat occupants are
present. Dial in the temperature you would like the
system to maintain by rotating the driver’s or passenger’s
control knob. Once the comfort level is selected the
system will maintain that level automatically using the
heating system. Should the desired comfort level require
air conditioning, the system will automatically make the
You will experience the greatest efficiency by simply
allowing the system to function automatically. Selecting
the OFF position on the fan control stops the system
completely and closes the outside air intake.
72°F (22°C) is the recommended setting for maximum
comfort for the average person, however, this may vary.
The temperature setting can be adjusted at any
time without affecting automatic control operation.
The air conditioning in this system is automatic.
Pressing this button while in AUTO mode will
cause an audible beep and the LED will flash three
times and remain off. This indicates that the system is in
AUTO and requesting the air conditioning is not neces-
The system will automatically control recircu-
lation. However, pressing this button will tem-
porarily put the system in recirculation mode
(ten minutes). This can be used when outside
conditions such as smoke, odors, dust, or high humidity
are present. This will cause an audible beep, and the LED
will illuminate. After ten minutes the system will return
to normal AUTO mode function and the LED will turn