Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

To avoid damage to the mirror during cleaning,
never spray any cleaning solution directly onto the
mirror. Apply the solution onto a clean cloth and
wipe the mirror clean.
Driver’s Side Outside Mirror Auto Dimmer If
The driver’s side outside mirror automatically adjusts for
annoying headlight glare from vehicles behind you. This
feature can be turned on or off by pressing the button at
the base of the Inside Rearview Mirror.
Tilt in Reverse Feature— If Equipped
The ЉTilt in ReverseЉ feature tilts the outside rearview
mirrors down when the vehicle is shifted into REVERSE
with the ignition switch in the RUN position. This feature
provides the customer with a better view of the ground
and vehicle in the area of the rear tires when backing up.
The mirrors move back to their previous position when
the vehicle is shifted out of REVERSE. This feature is
disabled from the factory, but can be enabled by the
electronic vehicle information center (EVIC). Refer to
Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) in this
manual for details.
Exterior Mirrors Folding Feature If Equipped
Some models have exterior mirrors that are hinged and
may move either forward or rearward to resist damage.
The hinges have three detent positions; full forward, full
rearward, and normal.
Outside Mirror Driver’s Side
Adjust the outside mirror to center on the adjacent lane of
traffic, with a slight overlap of the view obtained on the
inside mirror.
Outside Mirror Passenger’s Side
Adjust the convex outside mirror so you can just see the
side of your vehicle in the portion of the mirror closest to
the vehicle. This type of mirror will give a much wider
view to the rear, and especially of the lane next to your