Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Overhead Console Map/Reading Lights
These lights are mounted between the sun visors on the
overhead console. Each light is turned ON by pressing
the lens. Press the lens a second time to turn the light
OFF. The lights also turn on when a door is opened or the
dimmer control is turned fully upward, past the second
The lights will remain on until the switch is
pressed a second time, so be sure they have been turned
off before leaving the vehicle.
Interior Lights
The interior lights come on when a door is opened.
The interior lights will automatically turn off 10 minutes
after the ignition switch is moved to the LOCK position
if they are switched on manually, or if a door is left open
to protect the battery. This includes the glove box, but not
the trunk. Turn the ignition switch ON, or cycle the
switchable lamp that was left on to restore the interior
light operation.
Dimmer Control
The dimmer control is part of the
headlamp switch, and is located on the
left side of the instrument panel. With
the parking lights or headlights on,
rotating the dimmer control upward
will increase the brightness of the in-
strument panel lights.
Overhead Console