Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

The UConnect™ phonebook enables you to store up to 32
names and four numbers per name. This system is driven
through your Bluetooth™ Hands-Free profile cellular
phone. UConnect™ features Bluetooth™ technology - the
global standard that enables different electronic devices
to connect to each other without wires or a docking
station, so UConnect works no matter where you stow
your cellular phone (be it your purse, pocket, or brief-
case), as long as your phone is turned on and has been
paired to the vehicle’s UConnect™ system. The UCon-
nect™ system allows up to seven cellular phones to be
linked to system. Only one linked (or paired) cellular
phone can be used with the system at a time. The system
is available in English, Spanish, or French languages (as
The rearview mirror contains the microphone for the
system and the control buttons that will enable you to
access the system. The diagram below shows the mirror
with the appropriate buttons. Individual button behavior
is discussed in the ЉOperationЉ section.
For the best performance of the hands-free
system’s audio and voice recognition adjust the rear view
mirror to provide at least a 1/2 inch gap (1 cm) between
the overhead console and the mirror.
The UConnect™ system can be used with any Hands-
Free Profile certified Bluetooth™ cellular phone. If your
cellular phone supports a different profile (eg., Headset
Profile), you may not be able to use any UConnect™
features. Refer to your cellular service provider or the
phone manufacturer for details.
Uconnect Buttons