Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

For vehicles with optional wheel/tire sizes and
significantly different tire placard pressures, the placard
pressure value and the low-pressure threshold value is
re-programmable at your authorized dealer to accommo-
date the customer selected wheel/tire combinations rec-
ommended by DaimlerChrysler.
The TPM system has been optimized for the original
equipment tires and wheels. TPM system pressures
have been established for the tire size equipped on
your vehicle. Undesirable system operation or sen-
sor damage may result when using replacement
equipment that is not of the same size, type, and/or
style. After-market wheels can cause sensor damage.
Do not use tire sealant from a can, or balance beads
if your vehicle is equipped with a TPM system, as
damage to the sensors may result.
After inspecting or adjusting the tire pressure al-
ways reinstall the valve stem cap. This will prevent
moisture and dirt from entering the valve stem,
which could damage the wheel rim sensor.
The TPM system can inform the driver of a low tire
pressure condition.
The TPM system is not intended to replace normal tire
care and maintenance, nor to provide warning of a tire
failure or condition.
The TPM system should not be used as a tire pressure
gauge while adjusting your tire pressure.