Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

For brief stops, leave the transmission in gear and hold
the vehicle with the brake pedal. For longer stops with
the engine idling, shift into the NEUTRAL or PARK
position and hold the vehicle with the parking brake.
When stopping the vehicle uphill, do not hold it with the
accelerator; use the brake. This avoids unnecessary trans-
mission heat build-up.
To maneuver in tight areas, control the vehicle speed by
gradually releasing the brakes. Accelerate gently and
never abruptly step on the accelerator.
To rock a vehicle out of soft ground (mud or snow),
alternately shift from forward to reverse, while applying
only slight acceleration. Rocking a vehicle free in this
manner may cause the ABS or traction system malfunc-
tion indicator light to come on. Turn off the engine and
restart the engine to clear the malfunction indication.
Brake Transmission Shift Interlock System
This vehicle is equipped with a brake transmission shift
interlock system (BTSI) that holds the gearshift lever in
the P (Park) position when the ignition switch is in the
LOCK position. To move the gear selector lever out of the
P (Park) position, the ignition switch must be turned to
the ON position, and the brake pedal must be depressed.
Over Temperature Mode
The transmission electronics constantly monitor the
transmission oil temperature. If the transmission exceeds
normal operating temperature, the transmission will
change the way it shifts to help control the condition.
This may result in a slightly different feeling or response
during normal operation in D (Drive) position. After the
transmission cools down, it will return to normal opera-