Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

It is dangerous to shift the selector lever out of “P” or
“N” if the engine speed is higher than idle speed. If
your foot is not firmly on the brake pedal, the
vehicle could accelerate quickly forward or in re-
verse. You could lose control of the vehicle and hit
someone or something. Only shift into gear when
the engine is idling normally and when your right
foot is firmly on the brake pedal.
Gear Ranges
P (Park)
Supplements the parking brake by locking the trans-
mission. The engine can be started in this range. Never
use P (Park) while the vehicle is in motion. Apply the
parking brake when leaving the vehicle in this range.
Always apply the parking brake first, and then place
the selector in P (Park) position.
Unintended movement of a vehicle could injure
those in and near the vehicle. As with all vehicles,
you should never exit a vehicle while the engine is
running. Before exiting a vehicle, you should always
shift the vehicle into P (Park), remove the key from
the ignition, and apply the parking brake. Once the
key is removed from the ignition, the transmission
shift lever is locked in the P (Park) position, securing
the vehicle against unwanted movement. Further-
more, you should never leave children unattended
inside a vehicle.
The following indicators should be used to ensure that
you have engaged the transmission shift lever into the P
(Park) position:
When shifting into P (Park) move the lever all the way
forward until it stops, and is fully seated.
Look at the shift indicator display on the instrument
panel to ensure it is in the P (Park) position.