Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

1. Oil Pressure Warning Light
This light shows low engine oil pressure. The
light should turn on momentarily when the
engine is started. If the light turns on while driving,
stop the vehicle and shut off the engine as soon as
possible. A continuous chime will sound when this
light turns on.
Do not operate the vehicle until the cause is corrected.
This light does not show how much oil is in the engine.
The engine oil level must be checked under the hood.
2. Low Fuel Indicator Light
The Low Fuel Light will turn on when there is
approximately 2 gallons (9 liters) of fuel remain-
ing in the tank. This light will remain on until
fuel is added.
3. Front Fog Light Indicator If Equipped
This light shows the front fog lights are ON.
4. Turn Signal Indicators
The arrow will flash with the exterior turn signal
when the turn signal lever is operated.
If the vehicle electronics sense that the vehicle has
traveled about one mile with the turn signals on, a chime
will sound to alert you to turn the signals off. If either
indicator flashes at a rapid rate, check for a defective
outside light bulb.
5. Speedometer
Indicates vehicle speed.
6. Electronic Vehicle Information Center Display
When the appropriate conditions exist, this display
shows the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)
messages. Refer to Electronic Vehicle Information Center
for specific messages (only on vehicles equipped with
steering wheel mounted switches).
On non-EVIC equipped vehicles the odometer
is located here.