Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

No power is transmitted from the engine to the drive
axle. When the brakes are released, the vehicle can be
moved freely (pushed or towed). Do not engage in
NEUTRAL position while driving except to coast when
the vehicle is in danger of skidding (e.g., on icy roads).
The engine may be started in this range. Use this range
for starting your vehicle if it is moving or being towed.
Coasting the vehicle, or driving for any other reason
with selector lever in NEUTRAL can result in trans-
mission damage that is not covered by the Limited
This range should be used for most city and highway
driving. It provides the smoothest upshifts and down-
shifts and best fuel economy.
The transmission automatically upshifts through fifth
gear. The DRIVE position provides optimum driving
characteristics under all normal operating conditions.
When frequent transmission shifting occurs when using
the Overdrive range, such as when operating the vehicle
under heavy loading conditions (in hilly terrain, travel-
ing into strong head winds, or while towing heavy
trailers, use the AutoStick mode and select the “3” range.
AutoStick Gear selection
The transmission gear can be selected by pressing the
selector lever to the right or the left with the selector lever
in the DRIVE position. The gear currently selected is
indicated in the instrument cluster display. Briefly press
selector lever in the “D -” direction. The transmission will
shift from the current gear to the next lower gear. Shifting
into another gear that allows for quicker acceleration or
to slow the vehicle down is possible. Downshifts can also
be performed.
Press and hold the selector lever in the “D-” direction.
The transmission will shift from the current gear directly
to the best gear for acceleration.