Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

3 (Third)
This range eliminates shifts into Overdrive. The trans-
mission will operate normally in First, Second and
Third while in this range. The “3” position should also
be used when descending steep grades to prevent
brake system distress.
Using the “3” range while operating the vehicle
under heavy operating conditions will improve perfor-
mance and extend transmission life by reducing exces-
sive shifting and heat build up.
L (Low)
This range should be used for engine braking when
descending very steep grades. In this range, upshifts
will occur only to prevent engine overspeed while
downshifts occur earlier than other gear range selec-
Never race the engine with the brakes on and the
vehicle in gear, and never hold the vehicle on an
incline without applying the brakes. These prac-
tices can cause overheating and damage to the
When “rocking” a stuck vehicle by moving be-
tween “First” and R (Reverse), do not spin the
wheels faster than 15 mph (24 km/h), or drivetrain
damage may result.
Torque Converter Clutch
A feature designed to improve fuel economy has been
added to the automatic transmission of this vehicle. A
clutch within the torque converter engages automatically
at calibrated speeds. This may result in a slightly differ-
ent feeling or response during normal operation in high
gear. When the vehicle speed drops or during accelera-
tion, the clutch automatically and smoothly disengages.