Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Rear Seat Cupholders
The rear seat cupholders are located in the center armrest
between the rear seats. The cup holders are positioned
forward in the armrest and side-by-side to provide
convenient access to beverage cans or bottles while
maintaining a resting place for the rear occupants’ el-
Console Features
The center console includes a large internal storage bin.
The storage bin has a rubber mat for noise control. The
bin is also large enough to hold a portable AC/DC
converter to power lap tops, games, or other electrical
equipment. Two slots at the top right side of the bin
provide clearance for power cords to pass conveniently
out of the bin with the lid closed. This feature is ideal for
games, laptops, cell phones or other electrical equipment.
A four-slot coin holder can hold US dollar coins or
Canadian one and two-dollar coins, as well as quarters,
dimes and nickels. The bin has a Front-opening lid for
easy access inside by either the driver or front passenger.
There are also two shift bezel cubby bins with rubber
mats for holding small items. For vehicles not equipped
with the navigation radio, an extra storage bin is pro-
vided below the climate controls that holds up to four CD
jewel cases. The inside portion of the arm rest lid contains
a pen holder, a tissue holder, and a tire gauge holder.