Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Rain Sensing Wipers—If Equipped
This feature senses moisture on the windshield and
automatically activates the wipers for the driver. The
feature is especially useful when road splash or over-
spray from the windshield washers of the vehicle ahead
requires quick but brief wiping action. The sensitivity of
the system to the amount of water on the glass can be
adjusted with the rotary knob on the wiper stalk. Wiper
delay positions 1–6 indicate the rain sensing wiper sen-
sitivity where 1 is the least sensitive, and 6 is the most
The rain sensing feature will not operate when
the wiper switch is in the LOW or HIGH speed position.
Turn the windshield wipers off when driving
through an automatic car wash. Damage to the
windshield wipers may result if the wiper switch is
left in any position other than OFF.
A customer programmable feature in the Elec-
tronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) allows the Rain
Sense feature to be turned off. Refer to “Personal Set-
tings” in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center sec-
tion of this manual for details.
Mist Feature
Push the wiper lever in to activate a single wipe to clear
off road mist or spray from a passing vehicle. As long as
the lever is pushed in, the wipers will continue to
Headlamps On With Wipers (Available with Auto
Headlights Only)
The headlights will turn on approximately 10 seconds
after the wipers are turned on if the headlight switch is
placed in the AUTO position. The headlights will also
turn off when the wipers are turned off if they were
turned on by this feature. This feature can be turned on or
off using the Electronic Vehicle Information Center
(EVIC) If equipped. Refer to ”Headlamps On With
Wipers” in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center
section of this manual for details.