Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

To set the variance: Turn the ignition switch ON. Press
and hold the compass button for approximately 2 sec-
onds. Use the SCROLL buttons until “Compass Variance”
is highlighted. The “Compass Variance” message and the
last variance zone number will be displayed. Press and
release FUNCTION SELECT button until the proper
variance zone is selected according to the map. Press and
release the compass button to exit.
Telephone If Equipped
Press and release the MENU button until Telephone is
displayed in the EVIC.
When the appropriate conditions exist, the EVIC pro-
vides the following telephone information:
Phone status: idle, voice mail, roaming, battery
strength and signal strength in increments of 20 per-
Call status: Incoming call, connecting, connected, air
time in minutes and seconds, call ended, call failed,
roaming and no phone connection.
U-Connect Active.