Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

The remote sound system controls are located on the
surface of the steering wheel at the 3 and 9 o’clock
Some models feature an Electronic Vehicle Information
Center (EVIC) with driver-interactive display. This is
located in the upper part of the instrument cluster
between the speedometer and tachometer. The audio
mode of the EVIC can display any one of twelve radio
station preset frequencies, CD disc number, CD track
number, tape, or one of 200 Satellite radio channels
depending on which radio is in the vehicle.
The VOLUME switch controls the volume of
the sound system. Pressing the top of the
rocker switch will increase the volume and
pressing the bottom of the rocker switch will
decrease the volume.
The AUDIO MODE SELECT button changes
the mode of the radio from AM to FM to Tape
to CD, or to Satellite (SAT) depending on
which radio is in the vehicle.
The FUNCTION SELECT button advances the
radio to the next preset, changes the tape side
being played, or changes the current disc when
used in audio mode.
The SCROLL buttons change selections such as
radio station, CD track, or satellite radio chan-
nel depending on the current mode.