Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

Cleaning The Center Console Cup Holders 300
Perform the following steps to clean the center console
cup holders:
Grab the center of the rubber portion of the cup holder
firmly and lift upward to remove.
Soak the rubber cup holder liner in a mixture of
medium hot tap water and one teaspoon of mild liquid
dish soap. Let soak for approximately one hour.
After one hour pull the liner from the water and dip it
back into the water about six times. This will loosen
any remaining debris.
Rinse the liner thoroughly under warm running water.
Shake the excess water from the liner and dry the
outer surfaces with a clean soft cloth.
Carefully tuck the front, followed by the rear, then side
edges of the cup holder into the center console.
Cleaning The Center Console Cup Holders
300C, 300 Touring
Clean with a damp cloth or towel using a mild detergent
with the cup holder in the center console.
The 300 Touring, and 300C cup holder cannot be
Power Distribution Centers
Front Power Distribution Center
A power distribution center is located in the engine
compartment. This center contains fuses and relays.