Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

is re-used. Use this mode to rapidly cool the inside of
the vehicle. The Recirculation mode can also be used
to temporarily block out outside odors, smoke, and
Window Fogging
Interior fogging on the windshield can be quickly re-
moved by turning the mode selector to Defrost. The
Defrost/Floor mode can be used to maintain a clear
windshield and provide sufficient heating. If side win-
dow fogging becomes a problem increase blower speed.
Vehicle windows tend to fog on the inside in mild but
rainy or humid weather.
Recirculate without A/C should not be used for
long periods as fogging may occur.
Automatic Temperature Control If Equipped
The Infrared Dual-Zone Climate Control System auto-
matically maintains the interior comfort level desired by
the driver and passenger. This is accomplished by a dual
sun-sensor in the top of the instrument panel, and an
infrared sensor located in the face of the control unit.
There are also various sensors monitored by this system
which take account for vehicle speed, A/C pressure,
outside temperature, and engine cooling temperature.
The infrared sensor independently measures the surface
temperature of the driver and passenger. Based on the
sensor input, the system automatically adjusts the air
flow temperature, the air flow volume, and amount of
outside air recirculation. This maintains a comfortable
temperature even under changing conditions.
Operation of the system is quite simple. Begin by turning
the right mode knob to AUTO, and place the blower
control (left knob) to either LO AUTO or HI AUTO. The