Chrysler 2005 300 Automobile User Manual

It is essential when replacing the cables on the
battery that the positive cable is attached to the
positive post and the negative cable is attached to
the negative post. Battery posts are marked posi-
tive (+) and negative (-) and identified on the
battery case. Cable clamps should be tight on the
terminal posts and free of corrosion.
If a “fast charger” is used while battery is in
vehicle, disconnect both vehicle battery cables
before connecting the charger to battery. Do not
use a “fast charger” to provide starting voltage.
Air Conditioner Maintenance
For best possible performance, your air conditioner
should be checked and serviced by an Authorized Dealer
at the start of each warm season. This service should
include cleaning of the condenser fins and a performance
test. Drive belt tension should also be checked at this
Use only refrigerants and compressor lubricants
approved by the manufacturer for your air condi-
tioning system. Some unapproved refrigerants are
flammable and can explode, injuring you. Other
unapproved refrigerants or lubricants can cause
the system to fail, requiring costly repairs.
The air conditioning system contains refrigerant
under high pressure. To avoid risk of personal
injury or damage to the system, adding refrigerant
or any repair requiring lines to be disconnected
should be done by an experienced repairman.
Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling
R-134a Air Conditioning Refrigerant is a hydrofluorocar-
bon (HFC) that is endorsed by the Environmental Pro-
tection Agency and is an ozone-saving product. How-
ever, the manufacturer recommends that air conditioning
service be performed by dealers or other service facilities
using recovery and recycling equipment.