Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

pin. This method can also be used in instances where you
are pressing a number on your keypad to navigate
through a menu structure or to enter a number for a
Barge In - Overriding Prompts
The ’Voice Recognition’ button can be used when you
wish to skip part of a prompt and issue your voice
recognition command immediately. For example, if a
prompt is playing ЉWould you like to pair a phone, clear
aѧЉ, you could press the ’Voice Recognition’ button and
say ЉPair A PhoneЉ to select that option without having to
listen to the rest of the voice prompt.
Language Selection
To change the language that the UConnect™ system is
using, press the ’Phone’ button and say the name of the
language you wish to switch to (English, Español, or
Français as equipped). After selecting one of the lan-
guages, all prompts and voice commands will be in the
selected language.
Turning Confirmation Prompts On/Off
Turning confirmation prompts off will stop the system
from confirming your choices (e.g. the UConnect™ sys-
tem will not repeat a phone number before you dial it).
Press the ’Phone’ button to begin.
After the ЉReadyЉ prompt, say ЉSetup ConfirmationЉ.
The UConnect™ system will play the current confir-
mation prompt status and you will be given the choice
to change it.
Low Signal, Battery Strength, and Roam
The UConnect™ system will provide notification to
inform you if your cellular phone is in roaming status,
has low signal strength, or has a low battery when you
are trying to place a phone call.