Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

2. Economy—
Improper inflation pressures can cause uneven wear
patterns to develop across the tire tread. These abnormal
wear patterns will reduce tread life resulting in a need for
earlier tire replacement. Underinflation also increases tire
rolling resistance and results in higher fuel consumption.
3. Ride Comfort and Vehicle Stability—
Proper tire inflation contributes to a comfortable ride.
Overinflation produces a jarring and uncomfortable ride.
Tire Inflation Pressures
The proper cold tire inflation pressure for passenger cars
is listed on either the face of the driver’s door or the
driver’s side “B” pillar. For vehicles other than passenger
cars, the cold tire inflation pressures are listed on either
the “B” pillar, the Certification Label or in the Tire
Inflation Pressures brochure in the glove compartment.
Some vehicles may have Supplemental Tire Pressure
Information for vehicle loads that are less that the maxi-
mum loaded vehicle condition. These pressure condi-
tions will be found in the “Supplemental Tire Pressure
Information” section of this manual.