Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Express Open Feature
The sunroof is equipped with an intermediate stop or
comfort stop position. This feature is designed to elimi-
nate wind buffeting at vehicle speeds between 20-40 mph
(32-64 km/h). To operate this feature, momentarily press
the switch rearward to activate the Express Open Feature
and the glass will automatically stop at the comfort stop
position. Pressing the switch rearward again will fully
open the sunroof.
During the Express Open operation, any movement of
the switch will stop the sunroof and it will remain in a
partial open position. Again, momentarily pressing the
switch rearward will activate the Express Open Feature.
To close the sunroof, hold the switch in the forward
position. Again, any release of the switch will stop the
movement and the sunroof will remain in a partial open
condition until the switch is pushed forward again.
The sunshade can be opened manually. It will also open
as the sunroof opens. The sunshade cannot be closed if
the sunroof is open.