Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

MODE Button
No Function
SEEK Button
CD/DVD changer
Press the right side of the “SEEK” button for the next
chapter or track on the disc. Press the left side to return to
the beginning of the current chapter or track. Press the
left side of the “SEEK” button twice within 2 seconds to
return to the previous chapter or track. Each press of the
“SEEK” button up or down will toggle through the
chapters or tracks.
FF/RW Button
CD/DVD changer
Press and hold “FF” (Fast Forward) once and the CD/
DVD changer will begin to fast forward until the FF
button is released. The RW (Reverse) button works in a
similar manner.
Program Button (PROG)
No Function
Channel Button
Press this button to select between channel “A” or
channel “B”, or if interference is heard through the
Remote Control Battery Service
To replace the batteries for the remote control slide the
cover rearward.
The replacement batteries for the remote control are two
AAA batteries.