Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

You are urged to use only the manufacture specified
hoses with quick connect fittings, or their equivalent in
material and specification, in any fuel system servicing. It
is mandatory to replace any damaged hoses or quick
connect fittings that have been removed during service.
Care should be taken in installing quick connect fittings
to insure they are properly installed and fully connected.
See your authorized dealer for service.
Automatic Transmission
The automatic transmission and differential assembly are
contained within a single housing.
All automatic transmissions are equipped with a conven-
tional filler tube and dipstick. If fluid is added, it should
be added through the dipstick hole in the case.
The dipstick is located just behind the radiator, lower
right side.
Selection of Lubricant
It is important that the proper lubricant is used in the
transmission to assure optimum transmission perfor-
mance. Use only manufacturers recommended transmis-
sion fluid, refer to Recommended Fluids, Lubricants and
Genuine Parts for correct fluid type. It is important that
the transmission fluid be maintained at the prescribed
level using the recommended fluid.