Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Air Conditioner
For best possible performance, your air conditioner
should be checked and serviced by an Authorized Dealer
at the start of each warm season. This service should
include cleaning of the condenser fins and a system
performance check. Drive belt tension should also be
checked at this time.
Use only refrigerants approved by the manufac-
ture for your air conditioning system. Some un-
approved refrigerants are flammable and can ex-
plode, injuring you. Other unapproved
refrigerants can cause the system to fail, requiring
costly repairs.
Never add air conditioning refrigerant to correct a
non-cooling problem unless pressure gauges are
connected to the system by a certified technician.
Lack of cooling could be due to a restriction and
adding refrigerant may cause a dangerous pres-
sure rise and you could be injured.