Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Pinch Roller Release
If ignition power or the radio ON/OFF switch are turned
off, the pinch roller will automatically retract to protect
the tape from any damage. When power is restored to the
tape player, the pinch roller will automatically reengage
and the tape will resume play.
Dolby Noise Reduction
The Dolby Noise Reduction System* is on when-
ever the tape player is on, but may be switched
To turn the Dolby Noise Reduction System on/off: Press
the Dolby NR button (button 2) after you insert the tape.
The NR light in the display will go off when the Dolby
System is off.
* ”Dolby” noise reduction manufactured under license
from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Dolby
and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Labo-
ratories Licensing Corporation.
CD Player Operation
NOTE: The ignition switch must be in the ON or ACC
position and the volume control ON before the CD player
will operate.
Inserting The Compact Disc
You may either insert or eject a disc with the radio OFF.
If you insert a disc with the ignition ON and the radio off,
the display will show CD and the time of day will be
If the power is on, the unit will switch from radio to CD
mode and begin to play when you insert the disc. The
display will show the track number and index time in
minutes and seconds. Play will begin at the start of
track 1.